Dekula bathroom set
Dekula bathroom set
Bathroom Set
Width Length Height
16 CM 12.5 CM 30.5 CM
A matching full set of 2 adhesive bathroom shelves + toothbrush holder + soap dish, metal matte black oven painted. Thanks to the hooked adhesive hanger, there is no need for drilling, screws or drilling. The best quality adhesive hook hangers will reach you with this product. 10-20 kg lifting capacity is available. Adhesives are produced with heavy load carrying capacity and do not break, split or swell. You can use it by removing the gelatin on the back and sticking it to flat glass, ceramic, PVC coated MDF chipboard (i.e. flat furniture) surfaces. You can easily remove it without leaving a trace by heating it with a hair dryer. Dimensions are available in the pictures. Shelf widths 30 cm, shelf depths 10.5 cm Stainless water resistant electrostatic black matte paint.